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Why is it worth supporting the funds?

Many people wonder if supporting foundations and charities really makes sense. It happens that they question the reliability and credibility of the collections carried out, and by deducting even one percent of the tax, they do not fully believe that this fraction of the income will actually reach the selected recipient. These fears, however, are completely wrong, and supporting the foundation, whether financially or through specific activities, can bring many benefits. Here are some of them.

There are many foundations and it is hard to decide which one to donate your support to. However, a large number of charity organizations carry out actions that may have a real impact on the quality of life of their charges, and even save hundreds or thousands of lives. An example of this is foundations that associate children with cancer or women who, thanks to the support of volunteers, avoided serious injuries at the hands of their partners – the torturers. These organizations often focus on social groups that are somewhat excluded or have limited opportunities to fight for their rights, as well as those who, for various reasons (lack of financial resources, shame, sense of humiliation), cannot or do not want to fight to improve their rights. situation with the help of traditional instruments. Thanks to the foundation’s support, many people who have so far dealt with the struggle for life or improving their health finally have a chance to obtain real help, both financial and, for example, psychological.

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They change the world and attitudes

Many foundations, in addition to taking real action, also focus on promoting attitudes and ideas that are to somehow influence people’s thinking and change their attitude to specific problems. This is extremely important because it allows not only to gain a larger number of members, but also results in the foundation, or rather its members, conducting educational activities that can really change the world. Things or ideas that might have seemed irrational and inappropriate some time ago are now accepted as the norm also thanks to the efforts of employees who try to pass knowledge and reliable information to younger and older generations. Volunteers working within the foundation make people aware and try to show that you can think in a different, also appropriate way, and in fact it is the change of approach and a greater understanding of the problems of the modern world that is the basis for performing beautiful and significant deeds.

Foundations are organizations that bring together people who share the same values ​​and want to work together to improve a situation that they believe is inappropriate. Thanks to a clearly defined goal, employees and volunteers acting on behalf of charitable organizations have the opportunity to transform their energy and enthusiasm into improving the quality of life for people and animals. Belonging to a like-minded group is extremely important from the point of view of an individual, and at every stage of their development – therefore the existence of a foundation is important not only from the perspective of people who receive help from them, but also those who provide it. Often, thanks to participation in various activities and projects, volunteers have the opportunity to overcome their barriers, leave their own comfort zone and improve their relations with their peers. At the same time, they gain a sense of purpose and begin to understand how important it is to help those in need, and this brings tangible benefits for both helpers and recipients.

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